Thursday, December 8, 2016

MnDOT reminds public not push snow on to roads

BEMIDJI, Minn. – The Minnesota Department of Transportation reminds the public that it is unlawful to deposit snow on or next to a public highway or street.

“Improperly placing snow on or near a public road creates hazards including drainage problems, drifting, sight obstruction and unsafe access,” said Curt Larson, maintenance superintendent. “Keep crosswalks, intersections, entrances and exits clean and unobstructed.”

Minnesota law and many local ordinances prohibit the plowing, blowing, shoveling or otherwise placing of snow on to public roads. This includes the ditch and right of way area along the roads.

Violations are considered misdemeanors, but civil penalties also apply if the placement of snow creates a hazard, such as a slippery area, frozen rut or bump, that contributes to a motor vehicle or pedestrian crash. The civil liability can extend to both the property owner and the person who placed the snow.

MnDOT maintenance crews plow and maintain about 12,000 miles of state highways and interstates in Minnesota. District 2 crews are responsible for about 3,900 lane miles.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Construction completed on Frog Lake dam

Construction has been completed on a new dam at the outlet of Frog Lake, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

The previous structure was starting to leak and was prone to being plugged by beaver activity.

Located 2 miles west of Bejou on the south side of County Road 1, Frog Lake is a 385-acre shallow basin within the Bejou State Wildlife Management Area. 

DNR engineers designed the new dam with removable screens to make it harder for beavers to cause problems at the site. A grant from the Outdoor Heritage Fund, created after voters approved the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment in November 2008, funded construction.

The dam allows the DNR to manage the lake for waterfowl, wildlife and clean water through the use of periodic, temporary water level drawdowns and other strategies. A drawdown can improve waterfowl, wildlife and water quality conditions by stimulating critical aquatic plant growth and reducing undesirable fish.

For more information on the DNR shallow lakes program, visit

Tentative 2017 North Dakota Hunting Season Opening Dates

To help North Dakota hunters prepare for hunting seasons in 2017, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department annually provides its best estimate for opening dates for the coming year.
Dates become official when approved by governor’s proclamation. Tentative opening dates for 2017 include:
Spring Turkey - April 8
Deer and Pronghorn Bow, Dove, Mountain Lion - September 1
Sharptail, Hun, Ruffed Grouse, Squirrel - September 9
Youth Deer - September 15
Youth Waterfowl - September 16
Early Resident Waterfowl - September 23
Regular Waterfowl - September 30
Pronghorn Gun - October 6
Youth Pheasant - October 7
Pheasant, Fall Turkey - October 14
Mink, Muskrat, Weasel Trapping - October 28
Deer Gun - November 10
Deer Muzzleloader - December 1 

Monday, November 28, 2016

R&J Broadcasting's Christmas with the Kids 2016

Christmas with the kids – Interviews from local First Graders about holidays - have begun on KRJB, KRJM & KKCQ.  Here is the schedule 

KRJB (Beginning November 28th)
Ada Borup 8:15am, 3:15pm
Norman County West 1:15pm
Norman County East 2:15pm
Hillsboro - 10:45am, 4:15pm

KRJM (Beginning November 28th)
Mahnomen 8:10am, 1:10pm
Waubun(Ogema) 9:10am, 2:10pm
Red Lake Falls 10:10am, 4:10pm
Fertile Beltrami 11:40am, 3:40pm

KKCQ (Beginning December 1st)
Fosston 7:40am, 9:40am, 1:40pm
Clearbrook Gonvick 9:10am, 2:10pm
Bagley 10:10am, 1:10pm, 3:10pm
Win-E-Mac 11:10am, 2:40pm