Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Saturday Walk-in Clinic Resuming, Essentia Health Ada

Tuesday, September 04, 2012, Ada, MN – Just in time for the school season, Essentia Health Ada will resume the Saturday Walk-In Clinic, starting on September 8th. Hours are 9am-noon every Saturday.

The purpose of the Walk-In Clinic is to offer convenient, non-emergent care when a patient can’t see his/her primary care provider. The Essentia Health Ada Clinic Saturday walk-in clinic will be open every Saturday from 9am-noon and will be staffed by a Physician or Mid-level provider. For patient ease, it is walk-in only, no appointments necessary.

Visit the walk-in clinic when you have a general non-emergency illness or injury such as:
Allergies                                Bladder Infections                           Bronchitis
Ear Infections                       Fever                                                  Abrasions
Laryngitis                              Pink Eye & Styes                             Respiratory Infections
Sinus Infections                   Strep Throat                                      Minor Injuries
Athletes Foot                       Cold Sores                                        Minor Rashes          
Minor Skin Infections          Minor Sunburn                                 Poison Ivy/Oak
Shingles                               Swimmer’s Itch                                Tick/Insect Bites      
Minor Lacerations               Fish Hooks

For more information, please contact the Essentia Health Ada at 218-784-2727 or visit our blog at www.wereherewithyou.org.