Monday, April 11, 2016

Tax Day is April 18: Department of Revenue has tips for taxpayers

ST. PAUL, Minn.This year’s income tax filing season ends on April 18, and as the date approaches, the Minnesota Department of Revenue offers tips to help taxpayers as they get ready to file their returns.
“With just days left in the filing season, we know many Minnesotans are still preparing to file their taxes. These tips can make tax filing easier and protect taxpayers from potential refund fraud through identity theft,” said Revenue Commissioner Cynthia Bauerly. “We know people rely on their tax refunds and we are working to review returns as quickly as we can, but protecting taxpayer refunds from thieves means that some returns could take longer to process than in prior years.”
Income tax filing tips:
  • E-file and choose direct deposit. Electronically filing your return and choosing direct deposit for your refund is the most secure and convenient way to file your taxes and get your refund.
  • Enter your name and any dependents names exactly as they appear on Social Security cards. Incorrect names or Social Security numbers can result in refund delays.
  • Double-check bank routing and account numbers used on tax forms for direct deposit. Incorrect account numbers can delay your refund.
  • Complete each form and carry totals to the correct lines. If you electronically file, the calculations are automatically done for you.
  • Do not staple or use paperclips on your paper return. Staples and paperclips on tax returns need to be removed by hand and can slow down processing.
  • If you are paper filing your return with a new address, be sure to place an X in the “Place an X if a New Address” box in the header. Otherwise, the new address may not be picked up by our system, and a refund check or letter may not get to you.
  • If you move after filing your return, contact us right away. That way anything sent to you will reach you, such as refund checks or requests for more information. You should do this even when requesting a direct deposit. Call us at 651-296-3781 or 1-800-652-9094 (toll-free) to change your address.
  • File your return by the April 18, 2016 due date, even if you owe more than you can pay. Pay as much as you can by the due date and contact us as soon as possible to set up a payment plan for the remaining balance. Acting quickly can help to minimize any late payment penalties. For more information about making your payment electronically, visit our website.
For more individual income tax filing tips, check out our Weekly Tax Tip video series.
Criminals continue to prey on taxpayers through threatening text messages, phone calls, and emails. The department and IRS will never ask you to provide, update, or verify personal information through unsolicited emails or phone calls; nor will we threaten to send law enforcement to your home if a debt is not paid immediately, as criminals often claim. You can learn more about scams, steps to prevent identity theft, and the department’s fraud prevention efforts on our website.