Thursday, March 16, 2017

Burning permits required for open burning

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reminds landowners that burning permits are required for all open burning in the Bemidji Forestry area.

Open burning includes large bonfires, brush piles or fields. Burning permits are for vegetative material only, such as grass, brush or wood. The permit does not allow burning asphalt shingles, tires or other non-vegetative materials.

Campfires up to three feet in diameter do not require a permit.

If you lose control of your fire and it becomes a wildfire, you will be responsible for the costs of fighting it. Be careful when you burn. Don’t let your fire become a wildfire.

Remember, burning permits are required for all open burning when there is less than three inches of snow on the ground. Fire danger is often high in the spring and may increase quickly over the next few weeks. Because of these conditions, the DNR has restricted burning in many counties.

Please check conditions/restrictions with your local DNR Forestry office, local fire warden or online at