Monday, August 6, 2012

UMC Announces Three New Emphasis Areas to Communication Program

CROOKSTON, Minn. – A degree in communication from the University of Minnesota, Crookston offers students many career options. The bachelor of science in communication prepares students to be effective communicators in many professional settings. The U of M, Crookston has offered a communication degree since 2004, but after reviewing the current program, it was decided that three emphases areas would be added. Essentially these emphases serve to clearly define the communication program of study for potential students.  

The three areas of emphasis are communication studies, organizational communication/public relations, and writing.

The communication studies emphasis allows students to craft a personalized set of courses to suit their communication interests. Students will work closely with faculty to select 21 credits within the communication program or outside the communication program curriculum for a combined approach. A popular choice for students has been combining communication with a concentration of courses in marketing.  

The organizational communication/public relations emphasis allows students to study communication within organizations and communication with public systems. Students will learn about the internal organizational power and politics as well as making effective connections with the public. Students will take a wide range of courses preparing them for strategic external communication that allows them to connect with the public.

The writing emphasis allows students to focus on writing. This area addresses the theory and practice of writing in a wide range of settings.  Core writing courses will prepare students to be effective writers in both the corporate and public forum and to meet the marketplace realities of contemporary society

 “These new emphases help clarify the communication program for prospective students,” says Mark Huglen, Ph.D., an associate professor in the Liberal Arts and Education Department. Huglen has been teaching communication courses for the past 17 years. 

The Crookston campus also offers a minor in communication which serves as a complement to any major. The communication minor prepares students to be effective communicators in any profession. The minor also allows students to select courses that strengthen their professional career objectives.

The communication degree is also entirely available online, giving professionals working rotating shifts and place-bound students a chance to complete their degree.