Tuesday, January 28, 2014

15 Percent of Commercial Drivers Have Yet to Comply with State, Federal Law

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Of Minnesota’s approximately 250,000 Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders in Minnesota, more than 38,000 still have not yet provided self-certification of their commercial driving status and, in some cases, proper medical documentation. 

Every Minnesota commercial driver license (CDL) holder is required by federal law to self-certify to the type of driving in which they engage and, if applicable, submit a copy of their Medical Examiner’s Certificate to the Department of Public Safety’s Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) division.

The federal rule requires all CDL holders to be self- certified by Jan. 30, 2014, regardless of CDL expiration date. If the requirement is not met, DVS must mark the driver record as not medically certified and initiate a downgrade of the CDL to a noncommercial status.

CDL holders include school bus, semi-tractor trailer and garbage truck drivers. DVS sent letters to all CDL holders in Minnesota reminding them to complete their self-certification.

Non-exempt interstate and intrastate drivers must provide a current medical examiner’s certification along with any waivers required to maintain commercial driver status.
Exempt interstate and intrastate drivers do not need to provide a medical examiner’s certificate but do need to complete a self-certification form.

How to Self-Certify
CDL holders need to:
  • Check the status of the driver’s license online at http://bit.ly/d3r8zL. If “Self-certification” is not listed, then a Self-Certification form must be submitted.
  • Complete the Commercial Driver License Medical Self-Certification Form (PS33203)
  • If a CDL driver certifies that they are subject to medical examination requirements, they must provide a copy of their Medical Examination Report (PS30158) and any required waiver (Insulin-treated diabetes, vision, seizure/loss of consciousness, limb impairment).
  • Submit a completed self-certification form and, if applicable, a current medical examiner’s certificate, to DVS via mail, fax or in person to any driver exam station or driver license office.
These forms can be found on the DVS Website at dvs.dps.mn.gov.

Visit the DVS Website at dvs.dps.mn.gov for more information on how to self-certify, for definitions of interstate and intrastate commerce, along with information about medical certification requirements. CDL drivers can also call 651-205-4908.

Categories and medical examiner’s certificate requirements are determined by the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) and state statute.

Until the federal program is fully implemented on Jan. 30, 2015, a driver must still carry an original or copy of his or her Medical Examiner’s Certificate, and provide a copy to his or her employer for the individual’s driver qualification file.