Thursday, December 11, 2014

‘Minnesota Harvester Handbook’ guides enthusiasts to natural resources

ST. PAUL, Minn. (12/11/2014)—Harvesting sustainable natural resources is integral to the heritage of many Minnesotans. For a growing number of others, though, interest in tapping into our state’s abundant buffet of resources is reaching new levels.  How to harvest wisely?      

Developed by the University of Minnesota Extension, the newly released “Minnesota Harvester Handbook” has answers. Contributions come from a broad base of experts in this 118-page guide covering a wide array, including mushrooms, maple syrup and berries, as well as non-edibles such as wood for crafting.

“This guide isn’t just for people who own woods. It’s for those who have an interest in learning how to connect with nature through harvesting non-timber natural resources and doing so responsibly,” said Mike Reichenbach, Extension natural resources educator.

Resources are divided by the season of their harvest; its chapters delve into details such as where resources grow and how-to tips on harvesting. Photos throughout the guide help readers correctly identify items. In addition, the handbook offers exhaustive information on resources and their cultural importance, marketing, regulations regarding public and private land and more.

“Each chapter puts an emphasis on environmental benefits, sustainability and regrowth,” said Gary Wyatt, also an Extension natural resources educator.

The guide sells for $24.95. To learn more or order, visit Orders will be received in seven to ten days or less.

It will be a text for later introductory non-timber forest products classes offered by Extension. To learn more, visit Extension’s My Minnesota Woods page at