Thursday, March 5, 2015

Comstock House to Close for 2015 Summer Season

The Comstock House in Moorhead, Minn. will be closed for the summer season due to ongoing construction work.

Work was contracted last fall to remove lead paint inside the house as part of a larger preservation project. Testing revealed that more work would be necessary to remove lead dust from the interior. Exterior construction work is scheduled for this spring. Once all construction projects are done, the removal of the lead dust will be scheduled. Interior surfaces and collection items will be thoroughly cleaned and lead levels will be re-tested. It is unclear what, if any, additional lead remediation may be needed, making it difficult to propose a clear timeline for completion of this work. The safety of staff and the visiting public remains a top priority.

Updates about the Comstock House will be communicated on the historic site webpage at, through news releases, and through our community partner, the City of Moorhead.

Built by Solomon G. Comstock in 1883, the Victorian home blends Queen Anne and Eastlake architectural designs. It was home to Comstock, a U.S. representative and banker who helped to build James J. Hill’s railroad, and his family.

The house is owned by the State of Minnesota, operated by the Minnesota Historical Society, and is currently managed by the City of Moorhead. The Minnesota Historical Society is charged with site preservation, while the City of Moorhead takes up daily maintenance and provides programming at this historic house.