Thursday, March 26, 2015

BBB Offers Tips for Hiring a Professional Organizer

Burnsville, Minnesota – March 26 – The start of spring and the promise of warmer weather to come kindles enthusiasm in many people to create more organized living and work spaces But when it comes time to actually do the work, we realize organization takes more patience than some of us have and a professional organizer might be helpful. Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota ® (BBB) offers tips to home and business owners before hiring someone to come into their space to sort through valuables and confidential paperwork. 

The following tips were compiled by Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota in consultation with the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)-Minnesota Chapter:
·         Check out companies at before signing a contract.
·         Ask the organizer if they are a member of NAPO MN and about their credentials, experience and training.
·         Find out if the organizer is insured.
·         Ask the organizer to explain their process so you can gain a clear understanding of what they do and how they go about doing it.
·         Ask how you can best prepare for a professional organizer to come to your home or workplace. Find out specifically what the organizer needs from you (you may need to commit personal time to get your home prepared for the organization process).
·         Ask about the fee structure – is it by the job or by the hour?  Be clear about your budget and do not sign any contracts until you fully understand what is or isn’t included in the service.
·         Ask for clarification on what their services include, for example, purchasing of supplies for the organization process.
·         Think about what kind of person you want to work with (example: will you work best in a drill sergeant environment or with someone who treats you like a friend?). Ask the potential organizer about their style.
·         Ask for an estimate on how long the projects you have in mind will take to complete. Inquire about what might change/modify the timeline.
·         Find out how the organizer disposes of items removed from your home or office and if there are additional fees (are the items recycled, donated, shredded?). Make sure you feel comfortable with the plan – especially if items are personal or confidential in nature.
·         You can also visit to review their code of ethics and to search for an organizer.