Tuesday, April 18, 2017

HCSCC Highlighting MN, ND Nurses in World War I

The Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County (HCSCC) and the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) will be hosting local researcher Angela Beaton at the Historic Solomon G. Comstock House on Thursday, April 27, at 6:30PM to highlight the service and sacrifices of local nurses during World War I. The presentation will be held in observation of the 100th anniversary of April 6, 1917, when President Woodrow Wilson signed a joint resolution declaring war on the Imperial Government of Germany, bringing the U.S. into World War I.

Beaton, an NDSU graduate student in history and an assistant with the NDSU University Press, will share her research focusing on local women who served as nurses during WW1 in both the Red Cross and the U.S. Army Nurse Corps, which included 403 women at the beginning of the war and grew to 21,480 by Armistice Day in 1918. Beaton plans to highlight the fact that these nurses’ contributions were significant and, though their efforts were valuable and their situations dangerous, their stories have been rarely told.
Tickets are available online at https://ww1nurses.eventbrite.com and www.facebook.com/hcscc. General admission for the presentation is $5, but tickets are free for MNHS and HCSCC members. Admission includes tours of Moorhead’s historic Queen Anne mansion and refreshments from the Rex Cafe. Beaton’s presentation will be the last student presentation until the fall semester begins. For more information, please contact the Comstock House site manager and HCSCC Director of Operations Matt Eidem at (218) 291-4211 or matt.eidem@hcsmuseum.org. 

Comstock House Hours:
February – Memorial Day: Sat 1-4
Memorial Day Weekend-Labor Day: Sat and Sun 1-4 pm
Call to schedule appointment and group tours year round

Adults: $6
Seniors: $5
College Students: $5
Youth (4-17): $4