Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Comments being taken on proposed Minnesota deer population goals

Comments on proposed deer population goals recommended by citizen advisory teams in 40 of Minnesota’s 128 deer permit areas are being accepted through Wednesday, April 15, on the Department of Natural Resources website at www.mndnr.gov/deer.

Specific population goal recommendations are posted online, along with the factors advisory team members cited when making recommendations. People should review this supporting information online before submitting comments.

Revisiting deer population goals began in 2012, when similar area teams helped set new goals for some permit areas in the Windom, Floodwood and Tower areas. Last year, new goals were set for southeastern Minnesota. The DNR plans to have new goals in place for all Minnesota deer permit areas before the 2016 firearms deer season.

More information on the process is available on the DNR’s deer management Web page at www.mndnr.gov/deer.