Monday, May 5, 2014

Major road construction to start on Tuesday in Fargo

FARGO, N.D. (May 5, 2014) — Beginning May 6th at 4 a.m., crews will begin work on 25th Street South in Fargo. One lane will be closed in each direction between 17th Avenue and 23rd Avenue. During this phase, traffic will be traveling in the outside lanes.  Turn lanes will also be shortened or not accessible in this stretch.

Lane closures will be needed on I-94 to widen the bridge pier in the median. The widened pier is needed to support the widening of the bridge and roadway above I-94. This work is tentatively scheduled to start next week.

This project will add an additional lane in each direction on the stretch between 17th Avenue and 23rd Avenue, including widening the bridge that crosses I-94. An on-ramp will be added for northbound traffic on 25th Street South to enter eastbound I-94 without crossing traffic. At the completion of the project, motorists will increase from two to three lanes of traffic in each direction, with a center turning lane.

“By adding a lane each direction in this stretch, we will address the additional traffic that uses 25th street on their daily commute,” says Kevin Gorder, assistant district engineer for the NDDOT Fargo District.  “Since the bridge was built in 1990, the surrounding neighborhoods and business communities have grown and more traffic travels through this corridor. This project, when completed, will allow more traffic to pass through the corridor with less congestion during rush hour.”

During construction, motorists can expect:
-          Significant delays, as there will be reduced lanes of traffic on 25th Street throughout the project, and occasional reduced lanes of traffic on I-94 during beam setting on the bridge widening portion of the project.
-          Additional congestion through project area, as turn lanes will be shortened or not provided during construction. Vehicles turning off the roadway will need to wait for breaks in traffic.
-          Reduced speeds in the work zone to ensure safety for the traveling public, as well as the crews that will be working adjacent to traffic.

The NDDOT Fargo District suggests using an alternate route if possible.

“Motorists need to pay attention as they drive through this work zone,” says Gorder. “There will be a lot of start and stop traffic, and cars will be head to head. At times there may be trucks entering the work zones as well. Planning for additional delays and eliminating distractions such as cell phones and food will move traffic smoothly though the work zone.”

This project is expected to wrap up in November 2014, weather permitting